Qguar Pitot

In time of increased competition, one cannot calculate the cost of a single service for a single customer and single case. More and more often, planning and cost calculation is based on a complex network of interdependencies of several services for the entire pool of customers at a given moment. Therefore, it is necessary to regain control over the entire area of the company?s resources and capabilities. If you aim to offer the highest level of services, performed on time, you need to know everything about your resources ? on a most current basis. The problem also concerns railway transportation. One of the systems offered by Quantum for this industry is the locomotive supervision and tracking system (QGUAR Pilot), featuring the full capability of tracking and monitoring locomotives, communicating with them on a current basis and performing a set of advanced logistics analyses.
QGUAR Pilot cooperates with a modern railway radio transmitter KOLIBER. The system additionally allows for integration with the vehicle monitoring devices and their remote graphical presentation.
Qguar Pilot
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System advantages

  • real-time locomotive tracking
  • multi-system, bi-directional communication with locomotives (GSM, audio, text messaging)
  • data presentation in digital map
  • integration with locomotive?s monitoring devices
  • registration of locomotive personnel work time
  • reports and statistics
  • Web browser-based system access
  • better customer handling quality
Functional range:

The basic functional units of Qguar Pilot system include:
  • real-time logging of locomotives? geographical position
  • real-time logging of locomotives? status
  • logging of monitoring equipment status (enabled, disabled, malfunctioning)
  • visualization of locomotive position on the map
  • visualization of locomotive route on the map
  • voice communication with locomotive crew (GSM, audio)
  • text communication with locomotive crew
  • reporting of work start/end
  • reporting from locomotive?s sensors
  • logging of locomotive crew work time
  • logging information on operations performed by system users
  • locomotive?s mileage report, divided into periods (day, month, week, assigned period, etc.)
  • report of unit crew work times
Range of services

Quantum?s comprehensive services related to the QGUAR Pilot system include:
  • implementation project for the comprehensive solution
  • supply and installation of necessary equipment
  • supply and installation of necessary software
  • system implementation, together with possible customization
  • user training
  • post-implementation assistance
  • warranty and post-warranty support
  • logistics consulting


The system is dedicated foremostly to companies offering railway transportation services, including both freight and passenger transport. The traceability and real-time communication with operated locomotives give an invaluable advantage for the streamlining of their usage and making immediate decisions, when the execution of a given transport is troubled. The system meets the requirements of both large railway enterprises and numerous small companies, which are only entering the market. In the large companies, QGUAR Pilot?s enormous potential will produce many opportunities for optimization; in small transport companies it can allow for easier management of the rolling stock and quicker establishment of the company?s market position.

Download Product Description (pdf file)


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